Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Solving complex problems with creative thinking is one of my favorite capabilities. I have many years of business experience in many areas of software engineering and love to work on unusual tasks where teamwork, fast problem recognition and smart solutions are needed.

My Portfolio

Personal Skills

  • Team-oriented
  • Creative Powers
  • Fast Problem Recognition
  • Extensive IT Know-How in many areas
  • Languages: German, English

Scientific Applications

I am an experienced developer of simulation software, and measurement and control software. That implies also the design and implementation of domain specific languages which fit the needs of mechanical engineers. Some applications developed with such a domain specific language were used to optimize the current expenses of big German municipal power stations.

  • Simulation
  • Measurement and Control
  • Domain Specific Languages
Business Software

  • C, C++, Pascal, Ada 95
  • Machine oriented Programming with C and Assembler (x86, 68000, 6502)
  • Realtime Programming with C and Assembler (x86)
  • Java Applications with Apache Tomcat, Struts, Hibernate
  • Web Applications with PHP, Perl and Python

Open Source

My project metaLisp is a Common Lisp based framework for the unification of all programming languages. It aims to work against the current proliferation of languges. It is similar to the Java and .NET frameworks but source-level based hence (IMHO) more powerful. metaLisp supports all kinds of programming styles which are supported by Common Lisp: imperative, declarative, functional, object-oriented etc. metaLisp supports all kinds of programming languages like C#, Java, Basic, Prolog. It aims to provide compilers for scripting languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, even XML and ancient languages like Fortran and Cobol. Finally arbitrary study purpose languages and "graphical" languages are possible.