Software Engineering

Project RUBIN: The Automatic Subway in Nuremberg - Siemens Transportation Systems implemented the first world class subway which supports the mixed operation of manually and automatically driven trains.

  • ATP Validation (Automatic Train Protection)
  • System Test / Integration
  • Specification, Implementation and Execution of Test Cases in C++
  • Code Generator for Automatic Creation of Test Cases in Perl
  • Optimization and Automation of Workflows

Project e3p ConED: Design of Supporting Structures - Software for civil engineers supports the design of supporting structures of usual multi storey buildings in a revolutionary way. My Job was to change and enhance Common Lisp code.

metaLisp aims to be an Open Source Project for the unification of all programming languages.

Scientific Employee at
Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
Department of Energy Systems
(Excerpt of 1992-1999)

EMA - a formal language for machine engineers with C++ program generator for the automatic creation of interactive software for the optimization of current expenses of municipal energy systems. Language design and compiler construction in Pascal and C++.

WKSIM - C framework for static simulations of energy systems

FWSIM - C++ framework for dynamic simulations of long distance heating systems

infoPro - Content Management System with PostgreSQL Database implemented in Ada 95

Editorial System - Multiuser System for automatic creation of PDF setting copies and online presentations. Implemented in Java with Apache Tomcat, Struts and Hibernate

Casalo.de - Real estate platform

Web Applications in PHP, Perl, Python with MySQL Database

Translations for Publisher O'Reilly

Paperback PHP - kurz und gut

Linux - Wegweiser für Netzwerker


Installation, Configuration and Administration of Linux Servers and Clients